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Working from home... In a shed?

| Posted in: Advice & Info, Office Sheds

steel office shed Are you looking for home office solution? Do you have the luxury of working at home? Perhaps converting a shed is the ideal option for you. A shed is probably the one of the easiest building projects to complete and the most satisfying to use. For those who have the benefit of working home are quite lucky, you longer have to wake up early for your daily commute; no longer spend money on public transport or get stuck in rush hour traffic. By working at home all you need to do is casually roll out of bed and power up the computer. Make a some phone calls or if you tech savvy you make use of VoIP (voice over internet Protocol) which basically make use of the internet to make calls as opposed to traditional phone networks.

Here at McHugh Steel, we are renowned for manufacturing robust multifunctional sheds perfect for a workspace which can be used as a retail workshop, sports facility or an office. We design our sheds to suit the specific purpose so when it comes to layout, dimensions, size and height we can build your ideal workspace in line with your needs, tastes and budget. Sure you can turn that extra bedroom into an office, but will you get the privacy you need? There are many distractions in the home environment that hamper your workflow. On the other hand, if you don’t have a lot of space; let’s say for example you use your dining table as work space, unpacking and packing each day can be an inconvenience. Psychologically, separating your work from your home life is great for your mental state. You’re able to have a stronger focus on work, increase levels of productivity and escape any distractions at home. Physically being in your new office shed is sign to your family that you’re at work. The secluded office shed also allows you to have meetings with clients in a professional environment. The shed conversion is great for freelancers who want to save money on paying office space which is difficult to recoup. There are various types of sheds to choose from your typical garden sheds to steel sheds. To find out more information about sheds contact one of our friendly staff. Some points to consider are: • Your source of power • Costs involved for services * Security • Planning permission from your local council For only the best custom build sheds, perfect for all purposes, call the steel specialists at McHugh Steel today. (07) 4153 6588

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