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  • | Posted in: Projects, Shed Projects
    6x9x2.7 Enclosed Domestic Design with 3x9x2.438 Right Awning just built at Millbank. Looks great with Surfmist walls, Roller doors, PA doors & Flashing and Woodland Grey roof, barge & guttering.
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  • | Posted in: Advice & Info
    Don’t be put off building a home because of how expensive it is. There are far more affordable options than the standard display homes you see up on billboards. Have you heard of modular buildings? They’re becoming more popular in Bundaberg, and for good reason. Have the lifestyle you want on a ...
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  • | Posted in: Advice & Info, Industrial Sheds, Office Sheds
    Across Queensland, sheds have been used to great effect – from smaller residential instalments, to expansive industrial or agricultural structures. How to choose a shed for your business can be somewhat of a challenging task and this guide seeks to provide you with some of the background...
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  • | Posted in: Advice & Info, Roofing
    Choosing the right material for your roof can be time-consuming. Whether building a new home or renovating, you will want to consider all your options. Tiles are becoming a less popular roofing choice. They are less durable than metal roofing and they are prone to cracking and difficult to...
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  • | Posted in: Advice & Info, Industrial Sheds, Office Sheds, Projects, Shed Projects
    Sick of shopping around online trying to compare sheds and prices to suit your project? Going crazy dealing with salespeople who know less than you do about a product and its features? There is a lot to be said for buying direct from the factory when you’re looking for quality sheds in the...
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