Rollforming in-house, ensures we are the custom shed builders of choice

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Rollforming is a process that is used to incrementally bend a metal sheet into identical panels that can be used for such things as cladding or roofing.

The benefit of this process is that it quickly and accurately produces the panels at an unlimited amount of length. We manufacture many rollforming products such as C Purlins, Z Purlins, Sheeting, Gutter, Fascia, Flashings and Brackets to name a few. All our products are manufactured in our Bundaberg based factory using state of the art machinery with well-trained and experienced operators.


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Everything is fabricated in-house

The rollformed metal we manufacture is then used on our sheds and garages, ensuring that the entire build process is kept in-house. This means that we produce only what we need to, and can stand by the quality of all our industrial sheds and garages as we've processed the materials ourselves.


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