Machinery Sheds

Machinery Storage Sheds

Machinery Storage Sheds

Our machinery sheds are valuable assets as they help protect the assets that drive famers' business. By investing in a McHugh Steel machinery shed, you can trust that your Shed has been designed to protect expensive farm machinery from damage caused by the sun, rain or wind.

Our sheds are created for a solution, as our design system provides immense flexibility and customisation. With the capabilities to include enclosed or open bay options (or both), uneven bay sizes and multiple bay combinations, our sheds can be designed around your machinery to work for you.

Our extensive range of machinery sheds

Example 1 of Pump Shed

Pump Shed

Length: 8m
Width: 6.5m
Height: 4m
Example 1 of 4 bay with 1 lockup bay
Example 2 of 4 bay with 1 lockup bay
Example 3 of 4 bay with 1 lockup bay

4 bay with 1 lockup bay

Length: 24m
Width: 12m
Height: 4.8m
Design notes
  • Available in Colorbond or Zincalume

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Build what you want & how you want it with our in-house design team.