Medium Density Residential

Medium Density Residential

  • McHugh Steel brings its expertise to the realm of medium density residential construction, redefining urban living.
  • Blending innovation with durability, our medium density projects seamlessly integrate steel framing to craft modern, functional, and sustainable communities.
  • With a commitment to quality and design excellence, McHugh Steel transforms spaces into thriving neighborhoods that combine architectural brilliance and a strong sense of community.

Our extensive range of residential

Example 1 of PPS town houses
Example 2 of PPS town houses
Example 3 of PPS town houses

PPS town houses

Length: 10m
Width: 10m
Height: 10m
Example 1 of Multiple Dwellings
Example 2 of Multiple Dwellings
Example 3 of Multiple Dwellings
Example 4 of Multiple Dwellings
Example 5 of Multiple Dwellings

Multiple Dwellings

Length: 36.341m
Width: 16.882m
Height: 10.892m

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