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3 Reasons a Farm Shed is in Your Future

3 Reasons a Farm Shed is in Your Future feature image
| Posted in: Industrial Sheds

The farm shed. We’ve all thought about investing in four walls especially designed to shelter our tractors, tools, gadgets and garden paraphernalia. It’s a good idea, but everything seemed to work against you; time, work, life, friends, family…there’s only so much of you and building a DIY shed sounds good on the surface, but you know it won’t get done anytime soon. Enter McHugh Steel, we specialise in erecting larger steel structures, ideal for small to large farms, rounding out our experience with resilient carports, garages and industrial sheds. If you need a cheat sheet to convince the powers that be a farm shed would be a great idea for your property, take note and read on.

1. Guard Against the Elements

Australia is renowned for its sunshine and blue beaches. An honestly earned reputation and fair enough, but what about the parched land beyond the coastline or the wild storms that rip through your farm during summer? How about the constant fire hazard during the hotter months or a constant war against dust and rust? A farm shed suited to housing your automobile and essentials will ensure your property is protected from those cracks of lightning, destructive hail, wild winds or the unbearable burn of the sun.

 2. Keep the Crawlies at Bay

There are certain realities of rural living in Australia you just can’t escape, including the presence of those with too many legs and slithery suckers with none at all. Nobody wants to sit down for a long day on the tractor to find a red back crawling across their leg or discover a snake twisted around the hydraulics. While a shed won’t completely eradicate these experiences, you can minimise them, ensuring your favourite picker doesn’t become a hive of native flora and insect life.

3. Aim for Longevity

Automobiles, even rugged farm rigs, last longer if they are protected by a shed. When your property lasts longer, the expense incurred replacing it is put off for another season or two – money is tight at the best of times. Anything from horse trailers to chainsaws should be stored in a cool, dry place, away from natural impacts and accidental interference. Think of it as insurance against accidents too, as a misplaced tool can have very real consequences on the human body – if you’re a fair distance from a hospital, this can be potentially fatal. Keep everything safe, secured and stored away when not in use. Bonus round. Eliminate theft. A locked up farm shed will allow you to keep track of your belongings, especially if you’re a bit of an organisation buff. While steeling a farm rig or work ute in the country rarely happens, it does happen. Don’t make it any easier.

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