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3 Ways Temporary Buildings Can Boost Site Conditions

3 Ways Temporary Buildings Can Boost Site Conditions feature image
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Mining has become the backbone of industrial Australia, pulling in billions and employing millions, transforming aspirations into careers. The life of FIFO workers is hard; for any given time, you’re away from your family, your friends, the comforts of home and the stability provided by consistent buildings. The club. The shopping centre. The post office. Humans have been hard wired to associate infrastructure with progress, accessibility and a sense of belonging – it’s somewhere that won’t change much between when you go away and when you return. As site managers, many professionals want to boost site conditions for the morale of their employees – modular buildings are one such method. Why?

1. Consistency

Giving an employee their own, small slice of somewhere while they’re away from home is a confidence boost, creating a much needed barrier for recovery time and sleep. Temporary buildings can also be air conditioned, cutting through the oppressive Australian heat that is characteristic of the annual landscape in some areas. Energetic, refreshed and well rested workers complete their tasks more effectively in a high pressure environment; you want them to be alert, awake and rearing to go. A temporary building can supply the consistency they need in sustaining motivation.

 2. Access to Resources

A temporary building can provide a makeshift library or study room for employees pursuing further education and training. It’s difficult to concentrate in bustling areas, particularly as different people embody a variety of learning mechanisms. Creating these quiet, reflective spaces allows miners to take control and responsibility of their own betterment in an outwardly supportive environment. It’s one thing to speak publicly about fostering talent within the teams, it’s quite another to act on it and demonstrate to your miners you are invested in their futures, even if that future is outside the mine.

 3. Facilities

Makeshift dining tents are musty, dirty and hot. Nobody really enjoys eating their lunch under a thin stretch of material, separating the sun from their bare necks. A temporary building can house as many as you need it to in reasonable comfort, without the presence of sand or sun to fly into the food. A more comfortable environment will also encourage dialogue between the workers, starting friendships and deepening others in the mess hall. Other temporary facilities could include a medical office or compartment, should you be pushed for space on a fast growing mine, or even private office for the operations and administration aspect of the mine.

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