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A Colorbond Carport - Covered Protection All Year Round

A Colorbond Carport - Covered Protection All Year Round feature image
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If there’s one thing we all appreciate in summer or anything during warm weather, it’s being able to not sweat up a storm and burn your hands on the steering wheel when starting up the car. Not all homes have a garage built into the floor plan but it doesn’t mean you enjoy many of the benefits of a garage, at a fraction of the cost of a completely enclosed space. Carports are a perfect compromise solution than building a complete garage to house your family’s vehicles. With an open-air steel garage, you can cover your car and protect it from the elements all year round. Or if you are looking for an option to store your machinery check out our range of industrial sheds.

The Cost of a Carport

We recommend if you are looking at installing a carport to make it a double carport since labour and installation costs will not be too different from what a single carport would cost since it doesn’t require double the materials. Depending on the site, the materials and the style of carport you build will determine the cost. For most double Colorbond steel carports with gabled roofs expect to pay upwards of $5000.00 which includes manufacture, supply and install. It’s worth remembering that not all carports will add value to the home. Crude constructions could even detract from the appearance of a home as an eyesore. It’s also important that drainage is considered otherwise during torrential downpours flooding will affect the area around the carport. The beauty of a Colorbond carport is that they look fantastic and can be built in a range of styles including skillion, curved and concave roofs, and are available in a number of attractive colours to complement the design of your home.

Steel Carport Options

There are different options including whether you want a detached or free-standing carport as well as different roofing choices. There are even completely enclosed carports which are considered more of a shed but these obviously come with even more benefits including extra storage space and enhanced security. The beauty of an open carport is that it can double as an outdoor entertaining patio –especially when at the rear of the property.

Major Benefits of Carports

- Protect your car from leaves, debris and water and sun damage and keeps the car in better condition. Covered parking can mean lower car insurance premiums - Keeps car cool – a big deal here in Bundaberg in summer - Steel carports are low maintenance and add value to a home - Can double as an outdoor entertaining patio - Affordable alternative to building a garage but if more storage is needed in the future, is relatively easy to convert. For an obligation free quote for a carport, contact McHugh Steel today on (07) 4153 6588

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