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A "How to Guide" for creating more room in your garage, without lifting a finger

A "How to Guide" for creating more room in your garage, without lifting a finger feature image
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When building a double garage or triple garage (or bigger), most shed companies will simply place the doors in the middle of the front of your garage. It sounds logical, but this approach ends up creating a lot of dead space that you can’t use. At McHugh Steel we will work with each customer to create more room in your shed.

Let’s take an example. In a standard kit garage (supplied by many companies) 7.5m wide with 2 roller doors, the doors will be placed in the centre of the front wall.

This approach, however, leaves a lot of unusable space between your cars, with almost no space along the walls. You end up with no room for a storage cupboard, workbench or even space for your mower or bikes. 

At McHugh Steel we often recommend positioning the doors closer together.

This allows your two cars to share the space between both cars (as it is rare to have the doors of both cars open at the same time). This gives you significantly more space for storage along both side walls – without increasing the size – or cost – of your shed.

We can even design your single garage in a way that maximises the space.

In a single garage 4m wide, most shed companies will once again position the door in the middle.

This shed design will leave very little room for storage. It also makes it nearly impossible to get your mower through the door when your car is parked. At no extra cost, McHugh Steel can position your roller door to one side which gives you a whole wall of storage

Yet again, this is a really straightforward way to get more functional space out of your garage, without paying a cent more.

For more tips like this — or to design your own ideal garage or shed — please get in touch with one of our shed experts for a free onsite measure and quote.

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