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Advantages and Benefits of Steel Roofing

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At McHugh Steel, we use Australia’s most trusted and internationally exported Colorbond steel. The benefits of steel roofing and Colorbond roofing, in particular, are numerous and in today’s article our team share why this roofing option continues to be a hit for our customers in Bundaberg and across the greater Wide Bay region.

1)    Various Colours to suit your home and the surrounding landscape

  From colours to match the outback, mountain ranges and sand dunes, Colorbond steel is designed with the colours of the Australian landscape in mind. Choose from 20 different shades from light to dark and rich, there’s a Colorbond colour to suit a wide scope of home and property designs.  

2)    Withstands Harsh Weather and Climate

  Colorbond Steel is made to last with a durable crack and chip-free finish. It also resists peeling, is termite resistant and is weathertight and secure, unlike other roofing options on the market. Plus with being tested with anti-corrosion performance steel is one of the toughest building materials available across the world.  

3)    Reflects the Sun and Stays Energy Efficient

  Every colour available in our range features solar reflecting technology which means you’ll save on air conditioning bills since your roof will deflect heat rather than absorb it. Not only is solar reflecting technology good for keeping your home year-round, it’s also environmentally and wallet-friendly too. Steel is also a recyclable material  

4)    Innovative with many uses in Modern buildings

  Since steel is incredibly strong, yet also lightweight it can be used in a variety of modern home designs including the ability to create curved, flat or pitched roofing options.  

5)    Backed By Australian Owned BlueScope Steel

  Colorbond steel is made for Australians and is backed by Australian owned BlueScope Steel which means that you’ll be dealing with people who understand you, your questions and what you’re dealing with. It also means all warranties are guaranteed and we’ll honour our commitments to quality and durability. There are more than just a few reasons why we choose to work with Colorbond roofing here at, and why you should too. To find out more about our roofing products for use in a wide range of applications, call the steel specialists on (07) 4143 6588.

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