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Benefits of installing a steel flooring system

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The benefit of installing a steel flooring system is that steel flooring system offers greater durability and strength over traditional timber joists and will provide further cost savings.

There is no cutting of joists or bearers on-site and no wastage to get rid of due to long spans of steel beams. Steel flooring is made from recycled steel and is ideal for energy-efficient designs. Any waste materials can be 100% recycled. Steel flooring bearers and joists don’t twist, warp or shrink over time, meaning no sticking doors and window jambs.

Our steel flooring is engineered and manufactured to size off-site and delivered ready to install and electrical and plumbing service holes can be pre-punched for fast and accurate connections.

Steels structural strength allows for excellent floor spanning ability, which enables the number of internal load-bearing walls and columns to be minimized, allowing greater flexibility.

We use quality BlueScope Truecore steel with a 50-year warranty (T&C’s apply). Truecore steel is protected from corrosion by a hot-dipped metallic coating and zinc-aluminum alloy. Steel flooring is termite, dry-rot and borer proof not top mention it is non-flammable; Steel won’t ignite, catch fire or contribute to the spread of the house fire, giving you peace of mind.

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