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Beware the second hand shed

Beware the second hand shed feature image
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Buying a shed is certainly not something people do every day. Because of this, there’s a lot of potentials to go wrong while shed shopping unless you do your research. Sometimes this research leads people into looking at second-hand options to save a few dollars, however, this can be problematic and leave you with a shed that doesn’t do what you had hoped. As Bundaberg’s leading builder of steel sheds for all purposes, the team at McHugh Steel share some considerations to make before second hand shed buying.

Questions to ask and things to consider:

• Most sheds, from small sheds to industrial sheds need planning permission to be constructed on a property. This includes second-hand sheds that typically may have been dismantled, and what may have been granted planning permission in one instance does not mean permission will always be re-granted. To apply for permission a proposal of the shed to the Bundaberg council needs to be provided with evidence of the engineering of the structure. Do you have this? • Is the design of the second hand shed suited to the land where it will be located? There is a big difference between a shed that is nestled safely in a suburban backyard and one that is exposed to the elements on a windy hilltop. When you buy a second-hand option that has been on a different site it is often difficult to determine whether this will work for the location that has been chosen. • Second-hand sheds may be masking corrosion or missing components. When assembling roof sheets they need to go the right way to ensure screw holes are properly sealed otherwise you could have a shed that’s ineffective in providing shelter. Think carefully before taking on a project that you may not be comfortable in completing. • Will the cost of relocating the shed or hiring someone to construct it tip the scales back in favour of a brand new shed that has been manufactured to meet strict building codes? If you’re comfortable assembling the shed, can assure you’ll get planning permission and can determine the quality of the shed you are buying is reasonable, second hand sheds can be a good and viable option. For those looking for a trusted company who have built their reputation on the fantastic sheds they have created across the Bundaberg and Wide Bay region, McHugh Steel are the company to remember with several decades experience in the business. To find out more about the sheds that we offer here at McHugh Steel, call our friendly team today!                

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