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Building Classifications

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The building classifications is a nationally consistent agreement that outlines community expectations for safety. The QBCA license is required to fulfil these standards, and here at McHugh we're proud to fulfil these expectations and are 100% compliant. Within these standards are the classifications of buildings which is determined by the purpose of the construct. A rundown of these requirements can be found below: Class 1A A single dwelling being an attached house or one or more attached dwellings.
Class 1B Boarding/guest house or hostel not exceeding 300m2 and not more than 12 people residing; which is not located above or below another dwelling or another class of building other than a private garage.
Class 2 A building containing 2 or more sole occupancy units each being a seperate dwelling.
Class 3 A residential building other than a class 1 or 2, which is common place of long term or transient living for a number of unrelated persons.
Class 4 A dwelling in a building that is class 5, 6, 7, 8 or 9 if it is the only dwelling in the building.
Class 5 An office building used for professional or commercial purposes, excluding buildings of class 6, 7, 8, and 9.
Class 6 A shop or other building for the sale of goods by retail or the supply of services direct to the public.
Class 7 A building which is for car parking or storage, or display of goods or produce for sale by wholesale.
Class 8 A laboratory, or building in which a handicraft or process for the production, assembling, altering, repairing, packing, finishing, or cleaning of goods or produce is carried on for trade, sale or gain.
Class 9 A building of a public nature.
Class 9A A health care building.
Class 9B An assembly building in a primary or secondary school, but excluding any other parts of the building that are of another class.
Class 10 A non habitable building or structure.
Class 10A A private garage, shed, carport and the like.
Class 10B A structure being a fence, mast, antenna, retaining wall or free standing wall, swimming pool or the like.

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