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Building? Living Well On A Budget With Modular Buildings In Bundaberg

Building? Living Well On A Budget With Modular Buildings In Bundaberg feature image
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Don’t be put off building a home because of how expensive it is. There are far more affordable options than the standard display homes you see up on billboards. Have you heard of modular buildings? They’re becoming more popular in Bundaberg, and for good reason.

Have the lifestyle you want on a budget

Everyone wants to live contentedly while sticking to a feasible budget, and with the help of modular buildings you can! Prefabricated buildings are not what you expect. Contrary to popular belief, they aren’t dirty, shadow filled, one bedroom shoe boxes that are only useful as offices and school buildings. They integrate your concepts with creativity to produce a home that is comfortable for you and your family. Modular buildings in Bundaberg come in a range of sizes and design options, making them a great option for the family home or a holiday weekender. These alternatives allow everyday hard working men and women to achieve their goals of building a home so much sooner.

Benefits of modular buildings for your home

There are several benefits that make prefab homes an increasingly popular option for families wanting to build. Benefits include:

Customised to suit your needs

With the option of many different sizes and styles, you can customise the number of bedrooms, bathrooms, amenities, features and even make the exterior of your modular building more appealing. This is truly a great option for those wanting to save some money but not lose their dream of building a home.

More affordable

Modular buildings are more affordable than the standard brick and mortar house and they are also cheaper than many fixed sheds, which just goes to show how inexpensive they really are.

Faster to build

They can be installed quickly and efficiently. With basic construction of system built homes taking as little as one day; larger, more complex designs take only slightly longer to install. No longer do you have to wait at minimum 26 weeks plus rain days for your dream home to be built. This much speedier process means that you will be in your home faster. Another benefit to this is you will save even more money by not having to pay additional interest to the banks on your building loan while builders are stalling and no progress is being made. In addition to this, you will also reduce the costs involved in your current lifestyle while you are building because you will not have to rent a house for 12 months while you wait the standard building duration out.

Using the latest modern technology

Durability and quality is a top priority for modular buildings, which is why it isn’t uncommon to see Colorbond materials being the primary construction resource. Technology is constantly developing and improving. Even the software used to design the steel required for sheds and house frames has progressed in leaps and bounds to produce ENDUROCADD®. Designed for precision manufacturing, ENDURO™ is a high speed rollformer. It means production will now be even faster and more accurate!

Fit your home to the landscape

A common problem for people wanting to build is finding the right block of land for their dream home. Others prefer to find their future landscape first and then decide on a house that suits the view and atmosphere. Whatever the order you select these in, modular buildings are a great way to ensure you can have everything you could want. Differing sceneries and locations may require some alterations that standard builders cannot or will not do; pre-fab homes have a flexibility that the average building constructor simply does not. Modular homes are more environmentally friendly than traditional homes as they are typically built with better insulation. This means you are not only doing the environment a favour; you will also save money on your power bills because your home will regulate the temperature better, eliminating the need to constantly run your air conditioner or heater. With the cost of living on the rise, everyone is trying to save some dollars where they can and modular buildings are a great way to get the home you want on a budget. Due to this option being increasingly popular, they are becoming more and more attractive with each series release. McHugh Steel offers cost effective modular buildings in Bundaberg that are strong and made to last. With so many house plan options to choose from, you may require some help from professional shed and pre-fab builders to know what will suit your budget and land most efficiently.

Give the team at McHugh Steel a call today on (07) 4153 6588 to discuss which modular buildings in Bundaberg suit your needs!

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