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Choosing Colorbond Colours for your Home

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In Australia, our homes face some challenging weather conditions from extreme heat and cold, to rain, dust, wind, and hail. BlueScopes' assessment for Colorbond® Steel is designed to replicate these conditions. By recreating building applications – Including varying pitches, profiles, and product types. BlueScopes assessment exceeds Australian Test Standards for building products, giving a genuine understanding of how Colorbond® steel will perform on real homes.

  • Array of Colors

Colorbond® supply an array of colours both classic and contemporary, sometimes this can make the final decision harder. But we have the whole colour range on display in our display centre. To help narrow it down you can ask yourself what style of home do you have? Is it modern or heritage? Or is the style more Coastal, traditional or farmhouse?

As mentioned before Colorbond® has two categories: Classic and contemporary. For example colours like ‘cottage green’ and ‘classic cream’ are a more traditional colours, found on heritage houses and older styles houses whereas the colours ‘surfmist’, ‘windspray’, and ‘shale grey’ are more contemporary, more a modern styles house.

  • Matching colours from surrounding environment

When choosing a colour for your roof, find hints of tonal colours in preexisting elements such as in brickwork, to be matched to the roof colour. Which creates a strong link between house and roof, making the house appealing to the eye. Or if you have an existing fence and/or shed, using the same colours to create a unified look on the property.

  • Roof Prominence

Another thing to consider is how prominent you want your roof for example a gable roof is more prominent, but you need to choose colours carefully, so the rest of the house isn’t overwhelmed or dominated. A steep gable roof is more prominent then a more modern monopitch or Skillion roof.

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Choosing Colorbond Colours for your Home

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