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Common misconceptions of steel framing and why they aren’t true:

Common misconceptions of steel framing and why they aren’t true: feature image
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Misconception 1: Steel framing is noisier than other stud frames

  • The most common misconception that arises around building steel framed homes is the noise factor. It is found that most occupants of homes with steel frames have reported no sound from the frames. Some have even said there is less noise than timber homes.

Misconception 2: Steel is more prone to lightning strikes, making it dangerous to live in

  • The misconception that steel framed homes are more prone to lightning strikes is in fact not true. The truth is steel is safer than timber framing as it is a better conductor of electricity. The energy is conducted straight to the ground and not released destructively within the frame of the home.

 Misconception 3: Steel frames will rust over time

  • Here at McHugh Steel Bundaberg, we use Truecore Steel. By using BlueScope Truecore Steel, it protects your home against corrosion by the BlueScope Steel being dipped in a hot metallic coating of a zinc-aluminium-magnesium alloy. Truecore Steel comes with a 50-year warranty* 

Misconception 4: Steel contacts and expands with temperature changes

  • Steel frames do expand and contract with heat and cold, but no more than other materials. Thermally induced movement is not an issue in properly constructed and insulated homes. Steel is not susceptible to moisture like timber, which will swell and contract with contact. Steel is the preferred framing material in extreme climate weather such as North-West of Western Australia.

Misconception 5: A steel frame interferes with mobile & WIFI reception 

  • Many people believe a steel framed home can interfere with phone and internet reception. The truth is electromagnetic waves move around steel the same way as they do with wood; passing through the spaces between studs and allowing use on all appliances and devices. This means the performance of your mobile phones, gadgets and WIFI won’t be impacted by living in a steel framed home.

Misconception 6: Steel homes perform worse in a fire

  • Steel is completely non-combustible material and will to add fuel to the fire. In fact, steel can significantly slow the speed in which a fire can spread, reducing the intensity and potential damage a fire can cause.
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