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Cover your car with a car-shielding steel carport

Cover your car with a car-shielding steel carport feature image
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Chances are you have a car. Maybe there’s even several vehicles parked at your house. You may already have a garage – but what if it’s used for storage or only has space for one vehicle? Is your car exposed to the elements day in and day out? In today’s article the team of steel specialists here at McHugh Steel would like to share with you some benefits of steel garages that we build across the Bundaberg region. Our steel carports have a range of advantages over traditional garages and can protect your prized vehicle without it costing you a fortune.

Plus 1 – Protection Keeps Vehicle in Picture Perfect Condition

  Carports provide much-needed shade and protection for vehicles. Since prolonged exposure to the sun can fade paintwork and affect internal instruments, protecting your vehicle with a carport makes good sense. Carports also protect from storm damage with the structures being extremely robust and durable. By keeping your car protected you can slow depreciation and maintain a higher resale value. Building a carport will also contribute to the overall value of your home.

Plus 2 – Carports Keep Cars Cool

  In the scorching summer heat of Queensland, there’s nothing worse than sweating up a storm while getting into your car only to burn your hands on the steering wheel and seat belt buckle. The shade provided by your carport will keep your car cool and make getting into it hassle-free and comfortable instead of the feeling like the fiery furnaces of hell.

Plus 3 - Steel carports are low maintenance, affordable and easy to install

  A steel carport is much easier, cheaper and quicker to build than a new garage and has most of the same benefits. Here at McHugh Steel we even build them to match with the existing style of the home to complement the overall look and feel of the property. If you already have an existing garage why not build a covered carport so you can free up the space in the garage for extra storage, or convert the room into a workshop or even an extra bedroom? The potential for an existing garage to be converted into an additional living area is almost endless.   As you can see there are more than just a few reasons why it makes good sense to cover your car with a carport. Since households often have multiple vehicles, steel garages can be a great way to protect one or multiple vehicles and are a fraction of the price of building a garage. Or if you have machinery to cover check out our range of industrial sheds. To find out more about our carports or other steel constructions please call the friendly team here at McHugh Steel. (07) 4153 6588.

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