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Designing the perfect Caravan or Campervan Shelter

Designing the perfect Caravan or Campervan Shelter feature image
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Campervan/Caravan Height

When considering designing a shelter for your campervan or caravan, you need consider the overall height of your camper, this includes extra space for tv ariels and air conditioning, you need to be careful of the ariels as they can be higher than your air conditioning unit.

Once built it can’t be changed easily, so it is advised to go as high as your local council will allow, or you add an extra 300 to 600 mm. You should also allow room to walk around the van with the door closed (if installed). It also pays off to have the next van in mind as you want it to be able to fit into your new shelter.

  • Driveway angles

In your design you need to consider the angles your driveway has whether it be and upwards or downwards slant, this is because at either angle the opening of your shelter if including a roller door has to be higher so you don’t knock the top of the opening and damage the shelter while moving it to storage.

  • Positioning of the Van in Shelter

To get the most use out of your shelter it is recommended to position the van as close to the left (Drivers Side if Reversing) so that the awning is on the right. This is so if your in a situation where it’s been raining or a heavy dew and you just want to pack up to come home, you can have the opportunity to unwind the awning out under shelter when you get home, to properly dry out the awning which helps prevent mildew and the probability of mould growth. It will also help extend the life of your caravan/campervan awning.

  • Reversing Tip for Your Van

When Reversing into your shelter for the first time, take it carefully. Reverse slowly doing it in one metre sections. To help when reversing on your own mark on the ground in reflector tape or paint next to the campervan or trailer wheel, ensure it’s on the drivers side so you can see it in the mirror. By doing this you can back your van or trailer by yourself and not risk damaging your new shelter/shed.

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