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Make the most of your patio this winter, with these simple upgrades

Make the most of your patio this winter, with these simple upgrades feature image
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You already have the patio area, so why not use it all year round with a few simple upgrades that will get you using your patio during the cooler months. Let's get you enjoying the cool breeze that winter can bring.

Autumn is the perfect time for you to start making the changes in preparation for the cooler months.

  • Insulated Roof

Having an insulated roof over an ordinary roof is essential to keep the warmer and cooler temperatures from affecting the overall patio temperature. Having the insulation in your patio helps regulate the differing temperatures better.

  • Waterproof Furnishing

Even though winter in Australia can be mild everyone loves to be cozy.  Furniture and other furnishings would work great for patios, and even better is they are waterproof for year-round use.

Furniture manufactured from materials such as treated wood or synthetic wicker. Then pair them with soft furnishings such as pillows, cushions, and a throw blanket, preferably made from a breathable fabric such as fleece and flannel.

  •  Plants to add Color

Just because it’s becoming cooler doesn’t mean you can’t have plants to make the patio area look warm and inviting.

Plants that are best suited to Queensland winters are the eye-catching paper daisies and grevilleas. If you’re after greenery plants, a Peace Lily or Monstera Deliciosa is ideal in cooler months while providing nice green leaves.

  • Install a Source of Heating

We all know in the cooler month’s days become shorter and it is ideal to stay warm during chilly nights when entertaining family and friends. Installing a source of heat such as a gas heater lamp or a small fire pit that is safe for the area and flooring you have installed can be ideal. But be sure to take all proper precautions like a fire pit pad and spark screens to avoid damage to your property.

With your heat source installed in your patio area, you can now enjoy relaxing nights by the crackling fire with family and friends.

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