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McHugh Steel Maintenance Tips For your Shed

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| Posted in: Industrial Sheds

Looking after your shed and can be daunting especially if you have an Industrial shed. But you have made this great investment in your place or business so here are some tips to maintain your shed and prolong your investment.

Keep Well Ventilated

Here in Australia, the weather can be a little temperamental from the scorching highs and the cold lows, throughout the year. To keep your shed well ventilated and to help them keep a regular temperature, we hope you added some extras like our whirlybird Ventilation or perhaps our insulation.

By keeping the ventilation clean and clear, you can ensure a constant flow of fresh air through your shed. This will help keep the moisture levels down and help prevent mildew from building up.

Check the roof

Although we do use Truecore® Steel and BlueScope’s Colorbond® roofing which comes with ?? years of warranty against the forces of nature, to help extend the life of your shed it doesn’t help to check up on them. Clearing away debris after windy days and storms or scrubbing away mould or sea mist that might accumulate over time.

It is Recommended by Colorbond® that is living close to coastal areas to ensure not only washing down your roof with soapy water, but focusing on the ‘unwashed’ areas such as wall cladding under eaves, the underside of gutters and the top of garage doors a couple of times a month to help extend the lifetime of your Colorbond® roof.

Keep the inside tidy

We all know at times your shed can get a bit dirty, whether its dust collecting on tools, or mud and dirt your cars and/or trailers have brought in. To keep the inside tidy, you can sweep loose dirt and dust and the waterblast/ pressure wash the rest of the concrete floor. The organisation of tools also helps, whether they have a certain spot in the wall or in a certain draw of your toolbox.

We all know from time to time tools can go missing, whether it’s your older children pinching tools and not giving them back, or those younger ones that want to be included in the activity or new project you have planned, it is always a good idea to have your own inventory of tools so you know who has taken what item and if they have returned it.

If you want to find out what shed you can buy and design, come in store and talk to our friendly staff at McHugh Steel today, or phone us on (07) 4153 6588

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