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McHugh Steel the first in QLD to use ENDUROFRAME®

McHugh Steel the first in QLD to use ENDUROFRAME® feature image
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The Benefits of Building with ENDUROFRAME®

In an exciting announcement from the team here at McHugh Steel, we are pleased to announce we are officially the first Queensland supplier to use ENDURO steel framing. This efficient option is the future of steel framing and has many advantages in building when compared to traditional timber trusses and framing. Many builders are choosing to build with steel framing and it’s not hard to see why! ENDURO framing is manufactured to the highest of Australian standards and uses Truecore Steel.  We explain some of the benefits of building with ENDUROFRAME® in our latest post. 

  1. Lightweight – Good for lifting, and manoeuvrability, the light gauge steel used in ENDUROFRAME® makes it easier for transportation and increases safety due to less risk of injury during lifting.
  2. Easy and Fast to Install – Builders choose to work with pre-fabricated timber trusses because of the speed of their installation. ENDUROFRAME is no different. Simply screw the materials together from the prefabricated trusses made to measure.  Also, forget about installing the wrong trusses in the wrong place as the rollforming marks the web and flange accordingly so you’ll know which part is which. The brackets used are similar to timber and have been tested for their stability and durability.
  3. Termite Proof – Owners can enjoy the fact that steel is 100 per cent termite proof. The non-combustible steel also is a benefit for limiting the amount of flammable material in the home, which is one of the drawbacks of traditional framing.
  4. Easy for all trades to work with – Carpenters needn’t sand back wall frames prior to plastering being installed and electricians and plumbers can take advantage of the pre-punched holes for wiring and utility infrastructure. This makes it easier follow on trades to complete their work which saves both time and money.
  5. Truecore Steel used in ENDUROFRAME products come with a 50 year warranty from BlueScope Steel giving good peace of mind for all those choosing to work with the product.

Click here for more details about warranties The future of frames and trusses has arrived at McHugh Steel. With our roll forming machine able to efficiently produce this material for use in a wide range of structures we expect to see many people across the Bundaberg, Wide Bay and Emerald regions begin to turn towards the benefits of building with steel.

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