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Need a customised shed - we’ve got you covered!

Need a customised shed - we’ve got you covered! feature image
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Building a shed is a personal experience. It’s got to work for you. You need it designed in a way that you get the most out of the space. Taking into consideration how the area will is to be used. We understand that stock-standard sheds aren’t going to work for everyone. That’s why McHugh Steel builds functional, customisable sheds. For purposes as wide and varied as the steel structures that we erect. As a shed builder with years of experience. McHugh Steel can deliver a range of customizable sheds. From residential to commercial sheds, we've got you covered.

1. Open Air or fully secured carports.

Own one car? Two cars? A horse float or even a semi-trailer? We’ve got you covered with our range of secured or open carports and steel garages. Solutions can be basic yet effective or customised to create something more complex. We can create a solution across all budgets. Using quality suppliers including B&D doors and Bradnam’s Windows and Doors.

2. Looking for something more transportable?

McHugh Steel can construct relocatable buildings. relocatable buildings offer more opportunity for your business or lifestyle. They're quick to construct and adaptable to your needs. Being relocatable makes these buildings great for or a wide range of applications. We use the same award-winning Colourbond™ roofing that we use for our sheds. So you can rest assured of their durability.

3. What’s your business?

Sit down with Our friendly team and we’ll create something to work for you. Our team spend will help you identify your needs to get the best quality shed that will work for your business. Whether it’s as a workshop, agricultural purposes, or wholesaling outlet.

When you need a shed that’s as tough as the steel it’s made from, the name in Bundaberg and Wide Bay to remember is McHugh Steel. When building a shed or garage, a carport of transportable building. McHugh Steel uses tough and tested materials that you can rely on. We’ve built customised structures for all purposes and have a large gallery to can check out.

So call us today and we’ll find you a superb steel structure that will stand up to all your needs.

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