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Quality Garden Sheds Built to Last – Not From the Hardware Store

Quality Garden Sheds Built to Last – Not From the Hardware Store feature image
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Forget flimsy sheds that will blow away or warp as soon as a decent wind blows. We’ve got practical and affordable storage and tool sheds that are built to last here at McHugh Steel. Either to free up space in your garage, or workshop or for a dedicated area for your tools, garden machinery, and those old Christmas decorations that you’re don’t want to have to keep looking at! When you buy a shed from McHugh Steel you have access to a complete range of services that will mean a shed that’s built to stand the test of time. Our sheds are the real deal, and yes they cost more than a generic lawn locker kit from Bunnings, but if you need a shed, you also need a shed that you can rely on, and one that’s guaranteed to last.

Here’s what’s available and what you can get when you build new storage or garden shed with McHugh Steel. A lot more features and benefits from flat-pack sheds from the hardware store.


Choose as many or as few of these as you require in line with your needs and budget. - Built on Concrete Slab – Choose from different bracket options for your shed. Most smaller sheds for domestic purposes use rigid bolt-on brackets where holes are drilled into the slab at a depth of around 200mm to accommodate. For larger industrial sheds, we recommend cast-in strap brackets which are in place prior to the slab being poured. - Flat roof (Skillion Roof) or Gabled Roof (Peaked Roof) – Depending on your style preferences, we can create peak or flat roofs, which have different sheeting styles. - Insulation - Depending on your requirements, insulation can help keep your shed cooler to protect overheating of machinery, electronics or other heat-sensitive items. To keep your shed ventilated, your shed can also be equipped with a whirlybird to draw out hot air from inside the shed. - Protection from Rodents/Pests – Forget a dodgy shed installation with obvious gaps between the slab and the steel sheeting, we can install vermin flashing to keep critters out. This also helps water seeping into the shed from heavy rainfall. - Colour Choices – Your shed can match the surrounding landscape and/or complement the colour scheme of your home with 20 colours of the Australian landscape courtesy of Colorbond Steel® Depending on your needs, for other larger industrial or machinery sheds, there are several other options to take advantage of including pedestrian access doors, automatic roller door, windows, skylights and much more. Here at McHugh Steel, we built it based on your needs, and NEVER use a one size fits all approach. Don’t waste your time with cheap garden sheds from hardware stores, you can’t ensure the items in them – but you can insure items in a quality shed built by us! To find out more about building a quality garden shed with us that won’t blow away in a storm, call us today on (07) 4153 6588

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