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Replacing your roof – How much does a roofing replacement cost?

Replacing your roof – How much does a roofing replacement cost? feature image
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Sometimes it will be necessary to replace sections or the entire sections of a roof. Depending on the type of roof in your home this can be necessary for many different reasons. Sometimes it can be the result of storm or hail damage, other times there has been water damage caused. It might also just make more sense to replace an aging roof in one single job, instead a continually repairing and maintaining. Sometimes people want a roof with that offers a better thermal insulation and heat blocking properties than the roofing materials they already have. Whatever the reasons are one of the biggest questions people will ask when looking to replace their roof is what it will cost. It’s a very important question, and one that is influenced by a range of different factors. At McHugh Steel we explain the factors that can determine how much a roof replacement will cost.

Things that impact a colorbond roof cost

  1. Materials Used – The specific materials used in the roof will dictate the cost. Colorbond and Zincalume materials on average will be cheaper than terracotta tiled roofing and offer a superior level of protection. Costs of different steel products from BlueScope Steel depend on the thermal insulation properties and other features including salt corrosions protection, double sided powder coated finishes, and range between $20-40 per square metre. (note these prices are for materials only)
  2. Size and Complexity of Roof  - A gentle sloping gable roof will be far cheaper replace that roofing that features a more complex design with a number of peaks or curved designs.
  3. Cost of Labour – Finally the labour costs are another factor that can influence the cost of a roof replacement. Most roofing jobs are not recommended to be attempted yourself, due to safety consideration and having the right materials install the roof correctly. Labour costs will also depend on how easy the roof is to access, and the costs of removing and disposing of the old roofing materials. Depending what the roof materials are this will change the cost. A roof that contains asbestos is far more costly to remove than an old rusty tin roof.  This means that it’s usually cheaper for a new roof on a new home than a replacement roof. A simple roof replacement can be as little as $7500 for a small home, but as a general rule the cost of a new roof is around 2-4 per cent of the home’s value.

The above should help answer your question of how much does a colorbond roof cost but each project and location is unique, so we recommend that you talk to a local expert to get accurate costing. 

At McHugh Steel, we can supply and fit a new or replacement roof for your home in Bundaberg, Emerald or around central Queensland. With all work QBSA recognised out installation team’s quality workmanship is guaranteed. We can also advise if you will need council approval to replace your roof. Contact us today for some of the most competitive roof replacement rates in Bundaberg and central Queensland.        

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