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Steel Framing Vs Timber Framing

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Framing is the foundation of a building, so it must be safe and secure.  Both timber and steel have their advantages and disadvantages. Choosing between the two should include durability, sustainability, and flexibility during construction.
Steel frame houses allow less movement as it doesn’t twist, warp, shrink or buckle. While timber frames are more malleable to the environment.

  • Steel Framing Advantages

Steel framing is 100% recyclable material and is one of the most recycled materials. A Steel-framed home is lighter, and more durable than timbers. They are resistant the flexing and warping, meaning your home has less movement which is made from straighter lines and finishes throughout your home.

Steel Framing is also termite-proof, and pest resistant. Which in the long run saves you money compared to what the cost of insurance would be from termites eating out your timber frames. 
Steel is a non-combustible material Meaning it can withhold its shape in higher temperatures, Steel framing combined with a colorbond roof can dramatically drop the fire risk of your home.

Steel has the highest strength-to-weight ratio of any current residential building material. This means your home can withstand stronger winds and fierce storms.

  •  Steel Framing Disadvantages

Due to steel being a raw material, it makes it the more expensive option. This is because it is labour intensive, and trades charge more to work with steel than timber.
In a Coastal Environment, using steel framing is risky. This is because steel is a corrosive material, the combination of water, wind and sand can negatively impact the framing. But can be managed with regular building inspections.

  •  Timber Framing Advantages

Timber is both a renewable resource and a natural product, making it environmentally friendly. Another benefit to timber is the flexibility of the product which can account for any last-minute, onsite changes.
Time framing is also cheaper, however, it's not because of less quality, it's because timbers readily more available, the cost is more manageable.

  •  Timber Framing Disadvantages

Due to timber being a natural resource it does come with imperfections and weaknesses. Timber is also susceptible to damage both internal surface stress and termite infections. Both of which are expensive to correct. While timber is susceptible to termites, using termite management products help reduce the risk of infestation and damage. Because timber is a water-based cellulose product, it can expand and shrink during different environmental conditions.

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