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Super solutions for an organised shed

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A cluttered shed is an eye-sore but it is also a safety hazard. Whether your garden shed or industrial shed is for use at work or home, you have a duty of care to ensure that people do not trip over items, or have heavy equipment falling on them from high places. Many sheds though, are just a dangerous jumble of odds and ends, tools that have not been used for years and car parts that have no car to be placed on. Sheds can be filled with sharp, rusty and broken goods, and these can cause extreme injury if they are not organised correctly.

Keeping your shed organised will help it to be a safer place to be in, but it will also help you find what you need quickly and easily. Is it your dream to have a perfectly organised shed that has systems that work, and is devoid of useless clutter that is taking up space? Here are some super solutions to make an organised shed a reality.

Give everything a place

Everything in your shed should have a designated storage place. Tools might have a specific rack to hang on, household equipment might be stored in quality boxes that are labelled and stacked neatly in the right positions, and large objects like lawnmowers and bikes will have their own space so they can be moved in and out easily. Walkways are essential, because you need more than room for your belongings – you need to be able to access them too.

Spring clean

Write ‘Spring clean the shed’ on your calendar and organise a working bee with your employees or family members. Even when a shed is well-maintained on a regular basis, there comes a time when it needs extra attention. Of course, this does not have to be in the month of Spring, but any time of the year when you can spare a few hours to wipe off the dust, inspect for pests and throw away some unwanted items.

Role model good habits

If people other than you are using your shed, teach them to keep it in good order. When packing up at the end of the day, make time for the shed to be sorted out properly. Many sheds get messy because there is not enough time to put things back in their right places. Make this a priority with your entire team, and role model good behaviour. Call us for shed solutions today on 07 4153 6588.

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