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The Benefits of Colorbond Roofing

The Benefits of Colorbond Roofing feature image
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Colorbond has become synonymous with Australia. Rugged, tough and highly weather resistant, this building staple has come a long way from the tin roofs and corrugated iron sheets that used to cover new developments. At McHugh Steel, we believe Colorbond belongs on every Bundaberg roof and workshop, as its hard-wearing reputation ensures everything you value will be kept safe from the unpredictable Australian elements, no matter what the season springs on us. If you’re not convinced, take a look at this solid list of Colorbond benefits – we’ll see you at the end.

Colorbond is Versatile

If you’re picky about colour matching or finding a roof to match your very specific brick or rendering work, Colorbond offer 22 colours that are guaranteed to satisfy exactly what you’re looking for. Coming in a rage of designs, including curved, skillion, concave, convex and everything in-between, the toughness of Colorbond can’t be skipped over.  The paint is hard-wearing, so you won’t be up there five years later repainting the flecks and cracks, it’s chip, peel and crack resistant, termite resistant, non-combustible, resilient against harsh climates and comes with a low maintenance tick of approval. And we don’t just say that, the folks behind the brand have been testing it for 45 years to make sure they fulfil their promises.

Save Money

Thermatech technology, developed in 2008 and updated in 2013, harnesses Colorbond’s reflective powers and bounces back penetrating heat, cooling the house and allowing the faithful air-conditioner to do its job, without adding further pressure from above. Although various factors can play a part in the overall cooling efficiency, in some cases, climate control use was negated by 5%. Casting this bonus feature aside for a moment, the reflective surface of the Colorbond Thermatech roof further protects your home from exposure, as heat can adversely affect foundations.

Become Sustainable

Like all steel, Colorbond is 100% reusable and recyclable – in the event you move, decide to upgrade your Colorbond roof or help somebody else give their roof a Colorbond uplift, you’ll find it’s light to carry and relatively easy to transport. Everything arrives pre-cut to your specifications, minimising wastage and steel you have no use for. The environment can be a fierce opponent, but it should be protected. Not only is Colorbond Australia made and sold by a reputable household name, but it’s completely accessible and achievable across all budgets. Are you ready to buy a Colorbond roof? Call McHugh Steel or check out our range of industrial sheds today.  

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