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The Features of your Shed Windows and Doors

The Features of your Shed Windows and Doors feature image
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Any commercial or industrial shed needs windows and doors, and while this might be an afterthought for some, the quality of these needs to match the materials and quality of the shed. Here at McHugh Steel, when building sheds, we use brands that we can rely on for their durability. For this reason we use Bradnam Windows and B&D Roller Doors for your shed’s windows and doors. Whether it’s a farm shed, storage shed, commercial or industrial shed, we outline some of the features of your shed’s door and windows in this post.

Features of your Bradnam Windows®

•    Available in many different style including Sliding, Fixed Windows, Louvre and double hung windows •    Full joint sealing to give you complete confidence they can withstand heavy rain and harsh weather •    Optional keyed vent lock in sliding windows. This allows the window to be partially left open when locked to provide ventilation. •    52mm width frame makes cleaning or vacuuming a breeze •    Built for ease of installation for insect and security screens •    No raw edges from machine manufacturing. •    Option to upgrade to energy efficient options including Solar Block and Solar Comfort. See the Bradnam Windows website for the full list of features and specifications of windows. They also have glass sliding doors available which can be incorporated into your shed design.

Features of your B&D Roller Doors®

•    Lightweight for ease of operation including raising and lowering. •    Customisable sizes to suit different sizes of openings •    Waist high locking for ease of use •    Rubber weather seal to prevent moisture and dust •    Gearing equipment mounted inside door roll to reduce side clearance requirements. •    Available in a range of coloured powder coating finishes •    Sliding bolt locking is located internally on the left hand side of door. •    Electrical and remote operation available. Check out the B&D Roller Doors Website for the full range of roller doors including the different specifications available. If you have specific requests when it comes to your shed’s windows and doors, simply speak to our friendly team at McHugh Steel. We can customise our sheds, including their doors, windows and other openings to suit your needs so don’t hesitate to call us today (07) 4153 6588  

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