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The Many Benefits of Transportable Buildings

The Many Benefits of Transportable Buildings feature image
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For workers in the construction and mining sectors in remote and rural areas of Queensland, accommodation can be a challenge, and that’s why McHugh Steel work with these industries to provide robust temporary accommodation solutions with our relocatable building services. We can design, manufacture and build temporary accommodation for your staff including toilet amenity blocks, communal kitchen and dining facilities, along with sleeping quarters. These are all constructed from robust materials and can be easily retrofitted with air conditioning, plumbing and electricity to experience comfort not dissimilar to what workers would experience at home – even when they are located in otherwise tough environments.

Easily transportable and Fast Set-Up

Our modular buildings are easily transportable, relocatable and can be set up within a day. We will work with you to define exactly what you need from your temporary building in terms of design, and layout

Some applications for relocatable buildings:

- Respite and tea/lunch break areas for employees working outdoors. - Offices for HR, Managers and Admin staff at Mining sites - Living quarters and camps for FIFO mining and construction workers - Roadside construction storage facilities - Eco-friendly one, two and three-bedroom homes. - Extra classrooms or education facilities including computer labs, libraries, - Sporting clubhouses and locker rooms - Monitoring stations for security personnel. Verandas, awnings, gabled roofs, sliding doors, and different colour schemes can be easily included in the design of modular buildings. The team at McHugh Steel will outline some of the design options available when choosing a modular building for all different purposes.

Benefits for Modular and Relocatable Buildings:

- Fast set up and construction - Meets the same building codes and structures built on-site and equally as durable - Can service remote locations where other construction can be a challenge - Less site disturbance, including fewer vehicles and equipment needed. Most of the building is constructed off-site. - Less material waste If you have need temporary accommodation, office space or have other space requirements, McHugh Steel is the team in Bundaberg to deliver a solution based on your needs. To find out more, call us directly on (07) 4153 6588.

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