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The Superior Properties of Steel

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Not so-secret fact: Here at McHugh Steel we LOVE steel. We used the natural resource to construct roofs to provide shelter – one of mankind’s most important needs. But that’s not the only thing we use steel for with the material essential in strengthening and reinforcing homes, and a useful material to create practical and useful spaces for industrial, residential and commercial purposes.

Steel through the ages However we’re not the only ones who love steel. The unique properties of steel lend itself as a useful material for hundreds of different purposes, with historically the steel industry being an indicator of infrastructural development and the economic performance of a nation. It’s no wonder steel tycoons like Andrew Carnegie were influential, and for good reason! The material is used to create steel wool, needles for injecting and sewing, garden tools, links to make chains for bikes and chainsaws plus so much more. We could wax lyrical about the amount of uses steel has all day but before we get carried away, we’ll share the unique properties of steel that give the material it’s wide potential for use in our latest post. Steel has LUSTRE Steel is a shiny metal which makes it have particularly attractive finish. This means it has many applications in materials inside the home from appliances to cutlery. Steel has CONDUCTIVITY Steel is also useful for transferring heat from electricity or gas (think saucepans) Steel is MALLEABLE Steel can be rolled into thin sheets to create roofing, rods or beams and can be forged into many different shapes depending on the intended purpose Steel has DUCTILITY This means it can be stretched or compressed to form wire or panels for auto the body of vehicles. Steel is STRONG If steel wasn’t so strong there is no way it would be used in building and construction where strength is essential. Steel has DURABILITY Steel also stands the test of time. Think rail lines and bridges and buildings that have been here longer than any of us have. Steel can be ENGINEERED for different uses Science has enabled us to add other chemicals to change the properties of steel and manipulate the material for even more purposes. Stainless steel has the added elements of chromium and nickel to make it resistant to rust, while manganese can be added to increase the steels toughness. Cobalt and tungsten are added to keep steel hard even when under intense heat. Are we swaying you about the superior qualities of steel yet? Browse around our webpage to find out more about the work we do with steel. Using high-quality steel in all our sheds from the garden sheds to our industrial sheds. To speak with our Bundaberg steel specialists don’t hesitate to give our team a call today on (07) 4153 6588.

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