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Timber Framing versus Steel Framing for New Homes

Timber Framing versus Steel Framing for New Homes feature image
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Construction industry professionals have long preferred steel framing to timber framing when constructing new buildings, and now McHugh Steel is bringing these advantages to our customers and clients. The benefits of steel framing can be applied to all building types and across all construction sectors. Here are a few reasons for considering a steel frame when building a new home:

Strength and Durability

They didn’t call Superman the Man of Steel because he was a ten-pound weakling. Steel is strong and does not shrink or expand like timber. It is also durable and highly damage-resistant. Any damages can be easily repaired by welding or bolting the offending area back to its former shape and strength. Sustainability Steel is easily recycled, making it one of the most sustainable construction materials. In fact, recycled steel makes up 50% of global new steel production.


Steel frames are precision built to be dimensionally accurate and they don’t shrink or warp, meaning there is less chance of your cornice cracking or your doors sticking in a few years time. Investing in a steel frame can reduce your maintenance costs as the house ages. As steel is easily transported, you may save on transportation costs as well.

Termite free

You don’t have to worry about termite damage with a steel frame, nor will you need to treat your foundations with toxic chemicals. McHugh Steel is excited to announce that they are the first Queensland supplier to use ENDUROFRAME steel framing. ENDUROFRAMES are the result of 20 years of research by BlueScope Steel, which have been manufacturing steel frames since the 1950s. ENDUROFRAMES are manufactured to the highest Australian quality using Truecore Steel and come with a 50-year warranty. In addition to the benefits of using steel framing, ENDUROFRAMES will make the task of building or renovating much simpler in a number of ways. They are lightweight and easily manoeuvred, resulting in easier transportation and decreased risk of injury on the site. ENDUROFRAMES can be quickly and easily installed by screwing the materials to the prefabricated trusses, which will be made to measure. The rollforming marks the web and flange so you won’t have to worry about screwing anything into the wrong places. And the other tradesmen on the site will thank you, as ENDUROFRAMES don’t need to be sanded back and come with pre-punched holes for electricians and plumbers. Using a roll forming machine to produce steel framing efficiently for a wide range of structures, McHugh Steel is ushering in the future of frames and trusses for people across the Bundaberg, Wide Bay and Emerald regions. Call our office today on (07) 4153 6588 for more information

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