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Tips for choosing the right roof colour

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Here at McHugh Steel we supply and install Colorbond roofing throughout Bundaberg, Gladstone, Emerald, a quality investment for any home. Not only do Colorbond roofs require less maintenance than traditional tile roofs, they are roofs made with quality BlueScope Steel available in a number of colours. We share some tips and advice and some important considerations for choosing the right colour for your home in our latest post.

THE SURROUNDING LANDSCAPE: - The surrounding landscape can determine what kind of colour you choose.

Coastal Homes - If your home is in a coastal location, a richer blue such as Deep Ocean will look great for a Mediterranean feel. Other colours that complement the coastal lifestyle work well including Sandbank.

Bush and Rural Homes - Homes surrounded by green landscapes and the bush, more subtle mid-range colour tones work well. Consider colours like green Eucalyptus or shaded brown Jasper. More conservative colours that blend with the surrounding landscape are recommended.

Suburban Homes – Homes located in denser urban areas work best with more traditional colours such as deep reds will match well with older more established homes in the street, whereas in more contemporary urban areas, Monument is a popular colour giving the sophisticated city look.


The choice of colour for your roof should also take into consideration the colours of the other building materials of your home. Customers prefer to have some kind of contrast with the colour of their roof and the other building materials to give structure and definition and avoid the property looking washed out. For example if your home uses a lot of Steel and Glass, homeowners may want to consider choosing a warmer colour for their roof instead of a colour like Ironstone or slate blue.

It is however a good idea to match the roof colour with some other features in the home including the garage doors and downpipes to tie everything together and give a sense of continuity. Roof colours can be repeated in fencing, window framing or letter box.


The profile and pitch of the roof should also be considered when choosing a roofing colour. If your roofing is a dominant feature, it’s a good idea to choose a more modest mid-range colour, since a ‘loud’ colour can overshadow the entire look of the property.

Some homeowners may want to consider a lighter colour roof to reduce thermal absorption and heat transference, although this is able to be offset with quality ceiling insulation.

With 20 designer colours to select from, Colorbond offer roofing colours to suit all Australian lifestyle and the team at McHugh Steel are proud to install them in your home! To see some of the colours face to face, call into our store at 17 Phoebe Crescent Bundaberg

Check out our roofing colour catalogue here.




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