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What makes our industrial sheds & garages so good?

What makes our industrial sheds & garages so good? feature image
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You’ve more than likely seen McHugh Steel industrial sheds before, but you just didn’t know it. Remember that time you gazed longingly at a steel shed, built to perfection and adorned with COLORBOND® steel and sturdy, good-looking doors?

The longing gaze maybe pushing how people might look at a shed but the point is our commercial or industrial sheds are all over the region. For example, you might have been in Bundaberg putting your car in for a service, or perhaps you were picking up stock from a local Bundaberg factory. Wherever you were from Emerald to the Sunshine Coast, you can bet your bottom dollar that you have seen some of our sheds that you might be considering for yourself. 

Why are McHugh Steel industrial sheds so good?

McHugh Steel is proud of its commercial and industrial sheds. They’ve made a name for themselves over the years for building quality sheds that are built to last. Your industrial shed may be the first impression given to your customers or clients, so it’s essential to make sure it has a look that impresses. McHugh Steel understands that, and so they make sure your industrial shed not only looks good but are built to look and feel new for as long as possible. You won’t see a McHugh industrial shed looking faded and worn out within a couple of years, that’s for sure! Here’s why McHugh Steel builds the best industrial sheds:

  • McHugh uses only the best framework - BlueScope Steel: BlueScope Steel will outdo any tropical storm experienced in any of our key services areas. It is solid and durable and will endure high winds and heavy rains. It’s fire-resistant and pest-resistant. Overall as industrial steel building manufacturers, we not only build our client Sheds we manufacture them from the ground up with high quality steel, that is built to last and withstand the harshest conditions. 

  • Colorbond is built to lastMcHugh Steel will only use Colorbond on your industrial shed to make sure your shed not only looks great, but Colorbond also gives your shed thermal insulation that you won’t find in other brands. It will save you money in heating and cooling in the future.

  • All McHugh sheds are checked at each stageMcHugh sheds are checked at each stage to ensure the very best quality. It doesn’t matter if the shed you noticed is fully built or in the process of being made; if it’s a McHugh, it will be of the highest quality and will look so good you’ll be envious!

Are you considering McHugh Steel for your industrial metal buildings or commercial shed needs?

If you’re considering McHugh Steel for your next industrial garage or commercial shed, you should be thinking about the following options:

  • Size: size is no limit when it comes to McHugh industrial sheds. McHugh will build the perfect-sized shed to suit your needs.
  • Design: McHugh designs are fully customisable. From simple sheds to those with more complexity, McHugh sheds are designed for your business’s exact nature and needs.
  • Modular buildings: modular buildings are another option as an industrial shed. These can be great when considering your shed as a space for clients or customers to visit. McHugh is happy to talk through your shed options with you to help you decide on the perfect choice.
  • Varying budget: when dealing with McHugh, there are no unnecessary, costly add-ons. McHugh sheds are always competitively priced and can be built to fit your budget. As we service most of Queensland, we can give accurate industrial shed prices to help you budget your large shed project. 

How can you get your hands on a McHugh industrial shed for your business?

Industry is the backbone of Bundy, and McHugh is the big name in steel and industrial or commercial sheds. From Emerald to the Sunshine Coast, we are the industrial shed builder you need. Next time you are in an industrial area, look for the best looking shed—it’s sure to be a McHugh. Getting your hands on a McHugh Steel industrial shed is easy! Simply contact us for a quote today.

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