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From Commercial Shed to Garden Shed - What Shed Is Right For You?

From Commercial Shed to Garden Shed - What Shed Is Right For You? feature image
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Sheds are typical in Australia because there are so many uses for them. They stand proud in the backyards of family homes and complement commercial properties with extra room. There are many different types of sheds, including a vast array of sizes. This article will address several uses for sheds, and will it help you find out what shed is suitable for you?

Commercial equipment

As your business grows, so does the amount and size of your equipment. You might find yourself with nowhere to store it. Imagine spending thousands of dollars on a new combine harvester. Do you want to leave this expensive piece of equipment out in the elements to deteriorate? No matter your commercial needs, a good shed supplier will have a solution that will work for you.

  • Are you thinking commercial? But you're not sure if a commercial shed is suitable for you, and you want some more ideas? Check out our commercial shed gallery.

Sports equipment

Australians, we love the outdoors and sport. Bushwalking in our picturesque national parks, sports fishing off the Western Australian coast. Is watching your favourite team win a grand final with your best friend? No matter the reason, we all start compiling large amounts of gear. So you may need to secure it to tidy up the house and get you back some room because you can no longer fit all that camping gear in the hallway cupboard.

  • So you have too much equipment? A garage might be the right fit for you. There are many styles, and one might suit you and that new motorbike or fishing boat.

Cars and workshops

Sheds come in different sizes. Imagine that you are inspiring to beat Jay Leno's car collection. To start with, you might not go to the extent of his commercial shed. But by talking to a recommend ‘shed supplier’ like McHugh Steel. You will be able to sit down and work out what would suit you and your cars best. It may be a three-bay garage. One for your prized car, one as a ‘workshop’ for that new project. With the last bay as a ‘cave’ with all that cherished memorabilia on display.

  • Don’t just take our word for it. See some of our testimonials, and It will help you have more confidence in your choice of a shed.

Children’s equipment

Are you getting the kids off the couch and into the great outdoors? Easier said than done these days, and you will most likely have outdoor toys to get them to stay playing outside. That equipment you spent good money on will need somewhere to go. Sheds are great places to keep wading pools and portable sandpits. You can also store their bikes and tricycles and even bulky items like prams. Sheds are great for the entire family. Keep the ones you love organised!

  • Is this you? Then a small shed could be all you need to save your outdoor equipment from the elements and keep the backyard tidy.

Gardening equipment

Are you a green thumb? There will be many garden supplies and equipment that you will need to get your gardening going. Avoid leaving it under your house or lying around the yard. Keep everything secure and accessible in a shed of your own. You will even have a place to wheel in the lawnmower!

  • Hard to see your garden behind your equipment? 

Then a garden shed might be the right choice. You can even save some good money if you buy the kit and build it yourself.

What else?

That's the great thing about sheds and commercial sheds. With the right shed supplier, the options on what you can do with your shed are endless. Be it somewhere to store your pool pump and equipment to millions of dollars worth of farm equipment. All you have to do is look around your house or business and think, how can I do this better.

  • Thought of something? Then your investment in the right shed for you starts with one click.

Already decided on what you need? Then contact us for a free quote today. Alternatively, you may like to talk to someone about a shed or see our display centre. Then come into 17 Phoebe Crescent, Kensington QLD 4670, or call us on  (07) 4153 6588 today to see what McHugh Steel can do for you.

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