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Why Choose BlueScope Steel Frames

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Building a house? Constructing a shed? Get your frame right the first time! You have finally decided it is time to erect that shed or build that dream home. Now come the decisions. First and foremost, what type of frame is best? There are plenty of advantages to choosing BlueScope steel frames like the ones we use at McHugh Steel in Gladstone. Here’s why.

5 Reasons BlueScope steel is a better choice for frames

There are pros and cons to every frame type, depending on the nature of your project, but BlueScope steel is currently taking the building world by storm. The benefits are significant, so it is no surprise it’s increasingly the frame of choice for Gladstone new builds.

Environmentally friendly

Steel is one of the most recycled materials on the planet, which makes BlueScope steel an environmentally sustainable building product. Unlike wood, steel does not rot, decay or attract pests either, which means no need for hazardous chemicals that can leach from wood into the soil.

Strong and durable

It is often assumed that steel frames are not as strong or reliable as the wooden alternatives. This is incorrect. BlueScope steel frames are built to be resilient and durable, remaining sound in high winds and resistant to water damage. We see this is as a major advantage for the stormy tropical summers we experience in Gladstone and the surrounding areas.

Pest free

No longer do you need to get your annual termite treatment completed for your shed or house frames. BlueScope steel frames are termite proof which saves you the inconvenience of having to book inspections or chemical treatments, not to mention thousands of dollars over the years.


Whether you are a builder or DIYer, you can appreciate the fact that steel frames are lighter than the wooden alternatives. This makes steel frames easier to transport, handle and work with on-site.

Fire resistant

When you’re investing in a home or business structure or industrial shed, you want to protect it against hazards. BlueScope steel provides strong, stable structural integrity, as well as fire resistance. It’s an extra level of ‘peace of mind’ when it comes to your building project. If you’ve used steel frames before, you already know why it makes sense. If you’re a traditionalist with a preference for wood – maybe now’s the time to learn more about this innovative building trend? BlueScope steel frames are fast becoming the most popular construction option for Gladstone homes. Talk to us at McHugh Steel for examples. We’re sure you’ll be impressed.

Get an online quote or call McHugh Steel now to learn more about using BlueScope steel frames for your Gladstone building project.

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