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Why You Should Choose TrueCore® Steel Framing

Why You Should Choose TrueCore® Steel Framing feature image
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Here at McHugh Steel, we ensure customers of quality products and TrueCore® steel framing is one of them. Steel Framing has so many advantages over timber, from strength and durability to environmental benefits. Steel framing constantly proves the superior option. At McHugh Steel we have a roll forming machine, EnduroFrame®. It is used for manufacturing a light gauge steel frame made from TrueCore® Steel designed by our software system. It can manufacture all the sections required for house frames with high-speed production.

  •  100% Insecticide free and Termite proof

TrueCore® steel doesn't get treated with insecticides to keeps pests from eating framing, so it is an ideal choice if you want to minimize the use of insecticides while building your home. Termites can be a problem in Australia, so it's good news that frames made from TrueCore® steel are 100% termite-free.

  • Straight and True

Prefabricated and structurally accurate, frames with the durability strength of TrueCore® steel are straight and true resulting in strong lines and clean finishes. Steel framing made from TrueCore® Steel won't shrink, twist or warp over periods, so there is less chance of jammed doors, wavy and uneven rooflines.

  • Fire Resistant

It is guaranteed that steel from TrueCore® will not catch fire and may help you achieve standards required for building in even the severely rated fire zones.

  • Design Versatility

TrueCore® Steel has an impressive strength to weight ratio, allowing for wide spans and flexible designs to suit new and upcoming modern design trends.

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