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  • | Posted in: Roofing Projects, Patios
    After a long day coming back to a relaxing home must be a top priority, nowhere better to kick back and enjoy a cold beer or glass of wine than on your very own beautiful patio! there are several reasons why you should think about investing in a high-quality patio!  INVESTMENT POTENTIAL...
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  • | Posted in: Projects
    Campervan/Caravan Height When considering designing a shelter for your campervan or caravan, you need consider the overall height of your camper, this includes extra space for tv ariels and air conditioning, you need to be careful of the ariels as they can be higher than your air conditioning...
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  • | Posted in: Industrial Sheds, Office Sheds
    Rollmasta The Rollmasta rolling door is the perfect choice if you are looking for a fantastic quality rolling door at a budget price. Rollmasta rolling garage doors are strong, secure and good on the eye. Rollmasta Wind locked Wind Rated Roller Doors have been independently...
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  • | Posted in: Industrial Sheds
    Looking after your shed and can be daunting especially if you have an Industrial shed. But you have made this great investment in your place or business so here are some tips to maintain your shed and prolong your investment. Keep Well Ventilated Here in Australia, the weather can be a little...
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  • | Posted in: Roofing
    When gutters are installed properly, they can give you peace of mind for a long time, when installed correctly they will take water from the roof and away from the house to either a tank or storm water system. It is necessary to regularly check the gutters, as the risk of replacement becomes...
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  • | Posted in: Carports
    While adding anything to your home can be a life changing decision, there are many hidden benefits that can come with adding a simple structure such as a carport. If you are having a hard time choosing between an enclosed garage or an open carport, here are some examples as why a carport is an...
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  • | Posted in: Advice & Info
    Building a shed is a personal experience. It’s got to work for you. You need it designed in a way that you get the most out of the space. Taking into consideration how the area will is to be used. We understand that stock-standard sheds aren’t going to work for everyone. That’s why McHugh Steel...
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